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Five Ways to Improve Interior Decoration with Digital Printing
Digital printing is becoming more and more accessible and affordable. This leads to an increase in creative ways to create interior decoration using on-demand printing. Here are five inspiring ways to use digital print technology to decorate a home or business environment. Mark Sollman, Application Manager at Mimaki With any innovative technology, it can initially […]
Experience the magic of full-colour 3D-printing
Making a full-colour print on paper was once a costly and time-consuming process, but nowadays, cheap full-colour prints roll off affordable Inkjet printers in seconds. However, it is not widely known that 3D printers have also entered the full-colour era. With the Mimaki 3DUJ-553, it is possible to print very complex and realistic 3D objects […]
Hybrid and Mimaki, a big presence on Sign & Digital UK 2018
Hybrid Services Ltd is the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Mimaki and present at Sign & Digital UK 2018 with a wide range of Mimaki products, launching the new digital print icon. Meet them in Hall 18, booth E10. Sign & Digital UK is one of the first opportunities to see the new, smaller […]
The Rise of Full Colour 3D Printing
The range of applications for 3D printers is becoming even wider. This is why we hear so much about innovative projects in aerospace, the manufacturing sector and medical science. Just as interesting is the emergence of full colour 3D inkjet technology, which can be used to print 3D objects in no less than 10 million […]
Be the First to Try Mimaki’s Full Colour 3D Printing!
Having been super excited about our first foray into the 3D market, we have recently collaborated with Materialise to try out the performance and quality of our very own full colour 3D printer, the 3DUJ-553. Materialise offers every maker, designer, consumer and entrepreneur access to a professional service and premium 3D printed consumer parts through […]


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